Hi, my name is Caleb Frey (pronounced KAY-LUB FRY). I’m a material scientist turned data engineer.

While I could make dashboards and visualizations, I’m much more interested in working behind the scenes to build out the collection, storage, and analysis of the data.


  • Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.
    • Master of Science in Material Science and Engineering (2021-2022)
      • Thesis: “Toughening Brittle Materials through Heterogeneous Interfacial Modification”
      • Research focus: Modeling highly toughened ceramic composites using the finite element method
      • Advisor: Prof. Ryan B. Sills
    • Bachelor of Science in Material Science and Engineering (2017-2021)
      • Concentrations: Metallurgy; Renewable Energy and Storage
      • Engineering Honors Academy


I’m willing to learn almost anything, but here’s what I know so far:

  • Programming and Automation
    • Python
    • MATLAB
    • Arduino
    • Go
  • Technology Skills
    • Hardware knowledge
    • Troubleshooting
    • Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu)
  • Software Skills
    • Microsoft Power Platform
    • Git
    • Docker
    • Microsoft Office suite
    • LaTeX
    • Bash
  • Data management and analysis
    • Power BI
    • InfluxDB (time series database)
    • MongoDB
    • NoSQL
  • Laboratory Skills
    • Laboratory Safety
    • Xray Diffraction
    • Thermal Analysis (TGA, DSC)
    • Mechanical Testing


  • Digital Transformation Specialist - Evonik Industries (2022-Present)

    • Collaborate with an inter-departmental team to create best practice methods for laboratory data ops
    • Implement these best practices using on-premise infrastructure for data security and accessibility
    • Design, test, and troubleshoot low code apps and automations on the Microsoft Power Platform
    • Create Power BI reports to monitor key performance metrics and inform project management decisions
  • Graduate Researcher - microMechanics of Deformation Research Group, Rutgers University (2020-2022)

    • Model fracture in highly toughened composite materials to determine experimental feasibility
    • Automate the generation, execution, and analysis of simulations to improve the model
    • Develop a data pipeline for efficiently managing and analyzing large amounts of simulation results
    • Collaborate with other group members to improve process automation and efficiency for the group
  • Undergraduate Research Technician - Riman Research Group, Rutgers University (2018-2020)

    • Synthesize, process, and analyze samples in pursuit of sustainable building materials
    • Create a sample database to manage material composition and characteristics
    • Develop low-cost reactor control systems with centralized logging and control
  • Receptionist and IT Systems Administrator - Alpha Veterinary Care (2017-2022)

    • Relay information and instructions between clients, technicians, and veterinarians
    • Implement a data security framework with local redundant storage and off-site backups
    • Modernize digital infrastructure with migration to a new server and phone system